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JARVISH Smart Helmet

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JARVISH Smart HelmetSmart Safety Guardian for Zooming Roads
Safety helmets are personal protection items that we need while motorcycling along city streets or country lanes. Building on the foundation of the high degree of protective functionality offered by conventional safety helmets, Jarvish smart motorcycle helmets bring an additional range of smart features. These include smart taillights, automatic file recording, emergency incident automatic recording and record keeping, linking automatic fall detection to accurate positioning of accident location, and carrying out on-the-spot roadside assistance. Making use of the power of technology takes road safety up to the next level. In addition to providing a safety upgrade, Jarvish smart motorcycle helmets also enable groups of friends to directly broadcast on Facebook the beautiful scenery they see while traveling. A whole bunch of smart features not only add points to safe riding, but also add points to the quality of life.