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Vision Based Indoor Position, VBIP

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Vision Based Indoor Position, VBIPYour gateway to the mixed reality future!
Osense Technology’s world-leading Vision-Based Indoor Position (VBIP) system is an indoor positioning and navigation method that uses user’s portable devices, such as smart phone, tablet, AR goggles, to capture nature features for algorism. Through cloud computing, we denoise and capture key features and created AR effects with the real life environment to generate mixed reality(MR) solutions. VBIP is a light and cost-efficient method that can fast and easily apply in all locations, even without GPS signals, with no further sensors or equipment needed. Through SDK, Osense can support other Apps to provide VBIP solutions. VBIP system has been proven in real life cases including 36 BTS SkyTrain stations in Bangkok, Thailand and various locations in Taiwan.

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