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Cube IoT Gateway

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Cube IoT GatewayThe Smart Life Steward that Understands You Best
The “Cube IOT Gateway” is not only compact and simple, but also has a very low installation threshold, and has even more to offer in terms of energy management. After connecting to a smart electricity meter through the built-in Wi-SUN wireless communication technology, people can use a mobile phone to carry out intuitive switching, scheduling, power consumption recording and other items of home electricity management. Cube also provides tailor-made power consumption suggestions, making energy saving and power conservation no longer a daunting task. In addition, Cube’s body, though compact, is highly expandable. While not busy saving energy for you, it can also cooperate with third-party companies, turning itself instantly into a security guard for your home or a health caregiver, thus making itself ubiquitous in your smart lifestyle.

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