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Asia Silicon Valley whistling ahead for Taiwan innovaions

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President Tsai’s 5+2 Industries trip arrived today (5/4) at Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA), the visiting program covers three facets of Internet of Things (IoT) industry: R&D, platforms, and applications, reviewing the strength and unlimited potentials of innovations and entrepreneurships of IoT industry constructed by ASVDA over the past year.

Expanded investment in R&D by major global companies

   With the burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the demands of hardware and systems solutions brought up by the 5G network technologies are also becoming very strong. Major global systems firms have increased their investments in Taiwan: Microsoft has put in two billion dollars for a new IoT Innovations Center and AI R&D Center; CISCO is also planning to set up an innovation center in Tao Yuan; Google expects to hire more than 300 talents In R&D departments; and IBM will recruit 100 technical R&D staffs in AI. These are all examples of global firms eying on the growth momentum of Taiwan’s IoT techologies, activating plans for talent development, initiating purchase from Taiwan, and investing in R&D in Taiwan.

   Domestic developers of systems platform have also advanced. One of the companies visited by President Tsai, Advantech, located in LinKou, Taoyuan, has developed IPC solution plan that’s top of the world. Seven industrial parks in Tao Yuan have applied its advanced communications and sensing technologies for IoT in building smart transportations and water resource management test fields. Besides smart industrial parks applications, Advantech has also developed several solutions for software and hardware integrations of IoT. provided smart one-line patient visiting e-services with several hospitals, collecting overseas output energies from across hospitals. This morning, President Tsai visited the wise innovations of Gogoro located in Guishan Taoyuan. Its electric motorcycles use almost 100% domestic parts and have been visible in cities like Berlin, Germany and Paris, France. ASDVA has continuously assisted the company in building a model operation base of innovations, planned and organized the whole project exports, making Taiwan a major maker of whole vehicle and key components of global electrical motorcycles markets.

Assisting domestic smart cities and rural areas in developing test fields

In its reports, ASDVA indicates that the invitation last year by domestic major firms as Acer, Media Tek, and Advantech to form a ASDVA IoT industries alliance has joined by more than 340 members. Acquisitions for demonstrative applications to promote smart cities have gathered recommendations of 21 cases. There have been eight test fields established for real operations by flagship teams. ASDVA CEO Kung Ming-Hsin indicates ASDVA has also assisted local industries to promote applications of auto-pilot vehicles and AI technologies, induced companies of multi-supply chains to join the future flagship teams. Some examples are the establishment of IoT innovation base in Hutoushan Taoyuan City, and the demo of achievements of auto-pilot bus in 2018 Flora Expo in Taichung City.

On the efforts in assisting local governments in developing smart cities and rural area, one shinning achievement is shown at Taiwan Lantern Festival in Chiayi this year. Co-CEO of ASDVA Executive Center, Mr. Chiou Jiunn-Rong reported that ASDVA invited dozens of firms including Major League IoT Smart Pay and Info Security to build jointly a cash-free market, and integrated rear processing system for cross-platform payments. Consumers can easily pay for expenses with any of the means including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and electronics wallets from domestic major telecommunications companies and banks, even with credit cards and four major electronic tickets. Conventional coin vending machines can also accept purchases with mobile phones. The dream of smart no-clerk shops was thus realized. Suppliers can not only learn the sales conditions and inventory needs in real time thru clouds, but also can adjust product prices dynamically from remote sites and offer limited discounts and sales promotions for selected areas. Mr. Chiou stated that after Chiayi Lantern Festival, ASDVA is actively assisting in setting up cash-free test fields in living circles of eleven universities in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan areas. ASDVA is planning to continue progressing with industries to realize the goal of 80% utilization rate of digitized living services to the people.


Great export potentials of smart agriculture

During the tour, Co-CEO Kung Ming-Hsin reported to President Tsai specifically on the development status of the smart agriculture. Take one of the flagship teams, Guoxing Information, for example, who has applied greenhouse environmental control system and APP data to study the key environmental factors affecting the product yields by statistical methods, thus determined optimal growth conditions and increased harvest periods and rates. Guoxing delegates demonstrated at site using “Product Management APP System”that collects data of crops growth from field management, including growth periods, fertilization and pesticide-applying journals. Big data from these collected information will be analyzed to provide farmers for planning future farming dates. Guoxing also has made the Farm Production Operation Intelligence System as the decision center for productions and sales of the agricultural industries. All data gathered during the productions and sales processes are channeled into the big agricultural data, and with the added technologies applied, risk information and resources determination system data can be rapidly acquired, thus ensure the production system can quickly respond to managerial behaviors and changes of the operators and make necessary changes.

IoT export touched down on new southbound expansion

Co-CEO Chiou Jiunn-Rong also reported to President Tsai that on the expansion of new southbound markets by ASDVA, drones made by GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology are among the most successful that already acquired the orders from abroad, expecting to finish analytics of 1.6 million hectors of Malaysian lands, and generating revenues worth NT$150 million in the following three years. A service platform can be built from technologies of big data, image recognition gathered from data of plant identification, pesticide sprays, according to Malaysian farming needs (palm tree or palm oils). The other big achievement is the mobile pay business. One example is the strategic joint venture of ThaiDotCom Payment company for electronics payments formed by Taiwan Hyweb Technology company and INET (largest local cloud service company in Thailand), with Hyweb providing systems construction to start online payment services. Furthermore, this year Hyweb teamed up with China Telecom and defeated a Swedish-Malaysian company in successfully acquired the bid for establishing the certificate control center in Thailand, also providing related consulting services. This marks the first successful case to promote the service experiences from domestic PKI applications to Thailand. The successful operating experiences of stored value cards in Taiwan shall also be promoted to Malaysia.

Smart Healthcare integrates software and hardware to link to the earth

President Tsai was also presented the status of smart healthcare in ASVDA demo room that demonstrates result of FH-net combined with precision medicine. FH-net is a flagship team of healthcare from ASVDA requisition of smart cities that is newly derived from Hon Hai (Foxconn) Technology. FH-net developed a “H2U Health ATM Iot Platform” that applies IoT smart management platform to link to artificial intelligence (AI) and combines health big data platform and personalized health expert services. The service has setup smart health stations at 100 7-Eleven stores in 19 cities and counties in Taiwan. The available measurement functions include blood pressure, heartrate (pulses), body weight, and forehead temperature. With the input of waist circumference and height by the person on touch-screen, the system can calculate automatically the BMI (body mass index) which helps the person to determine whether own body is in normal range. This enables all nearby communities and people to enjoy cloud smart healthcare livings with services of “Measure at Store, inquire on mobile phone”.

New innovation teams shines in Japan

   Co-CEO Chiou Jiunn-rong also introduced to President Tsai newly established innovation teams present at the site. Among them, NextDrive Technology has reached Japan and Germany markets in three years of its founding. Its IoT gateway developed by itself can be linked to Japanese smart electric meters and plays a key factor in the home energy management system. Another eye-catching company is OSENSE Technology whose indoor positioning system, VBIP (vision based indoor position), has successfully merged into Thailand railroad system BTS in just one year of its founding. The users can find guidance to their destination quicker and more conveniently through the technologies of AI and computer vision, in the meantime experience the visual and sound effects of AR (Augmented Reality) world. OSENSE is expected to cooperate with industrial, governmental and academic sectors of Japan this year to develop a major project that will apply its unique technology in “Tokyo Walking Navigation Plan in 2020”. This will bring OSENSE Tech into the bright stage light of the world.

Co-CEO Chiou Jiunn-Rong reported that ASVDA has endeavored in strengthen the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. It established an office in the US Silicon Valley for linking to its entrepreneur resources last year. This year it plans to assist Taiwan teams to land there that will provide an environment for technical talents rooting in Taiwan. An innovation information platform for Asia and Silicon Valley is also to be built to gather and integrate in-depth data of Taiwan innovation teams. This shall increase the benefits of guiding and assisting innovation teams and catch the matching business opportunities of overseas resources.